Welcome to the English Inn

Our November dining hours in Fish Creek:

  • Open Tuesday through Sunday, serving from 4 pm ’til close (closed on Mondays).

Our Green Bay location is open daily at 4 pm the year ’round.

We also serve Holiday Brunches… please, call for details.

Beef-Wellington-English-InnBeef Wellington is our house specialty, featured nightly!

…and consists of a 6-ounce, hand-cut filet mushroom pate, seared and encrusted in a fresh garlic and mushroom pate, wrapped in puff pastry and served with a beef and red wine reduction sauce.

Simply call to order by phone… we can mail them or you can stop by to pick them up.

Our winter season dining hours in Fish Creek:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 – 9 pm
  • Also open Valentine’s Day Monday, February 14 serving from 4 – 9 pm
  • Also open on Sunday of President’s Day Weekend serving from 4 – 8:30 pm

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  1. roger says:

    What are your dinner hours during September ?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your interest in visiting us this Fall Roger.
    We are open daily through the end of October.
    Our hours are as follows:
    Mon – Wed open at 4 pm
    Thur – Sun open at noon
    Fri and Sat serving until 11 pm
    all other days serving until 10 pm

  3. Paul and Crissy Nader says:

    FABULOUS!!!!!!!! They still do exist an actual SUPPER CLUB!!!! Thank you!!! It was our first time there and it will not be our last we live in Jackson Wisconsin and we would be willing to drive up just for dinner and go back home it was that good! Our daughter thought the Knights were cool she was hoping to see a Princess pop-out somewhere because you have to have a Princess if you have Knights protecting the castle!!! (7 year old) The food was amazing and the atmosphere was soothing especially with the guitarist in the back ground…we have nothing like you in the Milwaukee area just hokey get’em in/out joints…sad!!!! Its a lost art….and your prices were so reasonable so to wrap it up BRAVO to you and all of your staff you all hit the marks dead on: Presentation all around cleanliness and atmosphere,Food Flavorful, Staff professional and courteous.
    Thank you and start toot’n your horn you deserve it!!!!!!
    The Nader Family

  4. admin says:

    Paul and Crissy…
    Thanks so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with other visitors coming to our Web site. It’s really great to hear all of the details on what it was that impressed you and your little darling daughter so much. Our son Nick just got engaged, so maybe we have a potential Princess upcoming in the future. We’ll see and we look forward to your next visit to Door County and the English Inn.

  5. The Niespodziani Family says:

    We absolutely love your restaurant! This will be our 2nd summer in Door County. Last year we spent a great deal of time visitng the peninsula and The English Inn was a”must” with every trip. The food was wonderful and the setting soooooooo relaxing. Love the Beef Wellington and your au gratin potatoes….YUM!! Your staff is always courteous and professional. We will be spending Father’s Day there, our anniversary there, and an additional 6 other weekends throughout the summer. We tell everyone to go to your restaurant for an elegant, relaxing, and delicious meal.
    Thank you for being in Door County!!!

    The Niespodziani Family

  6. Lisa and Randy says:

    We appreciate your kind words and your willingness to voice those opinions in such a zesty way. The English Inn is indeed a unique spot in a very special place. We are proud to be “carrying the torch” so to speak, for a restaurant whose notoriety dates back several decades. We’re also compelled to find ways to make it even better in service and decor. Watch for our new on-line wine pre-selection service that will helps you choose from hundreds of wines here on hand, paired with great food combinations. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  7. Cathy & Jim Leschman says:

    We are looking forward to our next trip to Door Co. in a few weeks when we ALWAYS go to the English Inn! I dream about the Spinach Salad and the Creme brulee’, oh yea, and the meal in between!
    Always the best around! Thanks-see you soon!
    Cathy & Jim

  8. Bonnie says:

    Do you except reservations? Looking forward to my first visit to The English Inn in August.

  9. Lisa and Randy says:

    We do indeed accept and appreciate reservations. Simply call 920.868.3076

  10. Lisa and Randy says:

    So pleased to be on your agenda of Door County must-dos! Thanks so much for taking the time to pay us this compliment and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  11. Tom says:

    What are your hours in November and December? We always eat at your great restaurant and want to be sure we come when you are open.

  12. Lisa and Randy says:

    We are open daily through the end of October. Then, in November, we are open 6 days a week, closed on Mondays (through Thanksgiving weekend). In December we cut back to being open 3 days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But from Christmas through New Year’s Eve we are open every day. We look forward to seeing you soon… Thanks!

  13. Greg Griparis says:

    This will be our 3rd trip to Door County this Sept 2010. English Inn is a “MUST” for us on our trip. We look forward to your outstanding restaurant and food. The Filet Mignon is one of the best we ever had. Excellant atmosphere , bar , and service!! We travel all the way from Shorewood , Ill. Thanks

  14. Hello, we ate in your delicious restaurant and I bought and brought home your THE ENGLISH INN HOT BACON DRESSING.

    I would love to order 4 more bottles. How can I order more salad dressing called HOT BACON DRESSING !
    it is wonderful. Thans,
    Dorothy Conroy
    8812 West 175th Street
    Tinley Park, Illinois 60482
    PH: 1-708-61`4-0312

  15. Lisa and Randy says:

    I will be sure to contact you by phone to get the details… thanks for your compliments and the order!

  16. ann says:

    We will be in the area for thanksgiving. Are you open? Can we make reservations? Thank you

  17. Lisa and Randy says:

    We will be serving buffet style from Noon ’til 7 pm… The English Inn Encourages you to let Mom Completely Relax this Thanksgiving

  18. Glenn and Susan Roberts says:

    My wife and I had the opportunity in 2008 of dining at the English In. We never had such a great News Years Eve. The food was tremendous and the English setting in the resturant was spectacular. (Be sure to get a window seat!) At that time the entertainment was provicded in the bar by a blind musician that was an incredibile experience. He played requests on his electric keyboard with the packaged background music that were as good as the original renditions. He knew every song, singer and year of somg from rock to ballads all the way back to the 50’s and before. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the English Inn for a great evening of food, ambience and entertainment..
    Glenn and Susan from Waverly,MN

  19. Lisa and Randy says:

    This is a truly heartwarming revue. So happy we have been able to contribute a meaningful memory and we hope to see you again very soon.

  20. Jim Cleaveland says:

    We had the good fortune to visit the English Inn in our annual leaf peeping adventure last September. Wonderful atmosphere and even better cuisine! Is it possible to purchase the dressing for the spinach salad (best I have ever tasted)? I have tried hopelessly to mimic it at home and would much prefer the real thing. We will definitely be back the next time in Door County and we are already making our plans for this summer. Thanks. Jim Cleaveland, Savage, Minnesota.

  21. Neil Kirst says:

    What are your winter hours?

  22. Sue V says:

    My husband and I will be in Door county the last week in sept. I have been to door county several times but I have never been to your restaurant, we will definitly come for dinner. A friend told me about it and cant wait to have dinner there.
    See you in September.

  23. Lisa and Randy says:

    Thanks for trying the English Inn. We look forward to seeing you…

  24. Daniel Risgaard says:

    Wondering about your wonderful Ice Cream drink the Door County Cherry! What’s in it? Had it there along with a Wonderful meal and can’t wait ’til Sept. to do it all again!

  25. Karen Ferry says:

    We had dinner there back in April and really enjoyed it. It would be lovely if you had a bit of a history about the English Inn on your website.

  26. Sue says:

    We love this place. Corrine is a fabulous member of the waitstaff and the food and service are always excellent. Make sure you buy extra hot bacon dressing jars to take home. It is delicious.

  27. Bob and Suzy Stromberg says:

    We too love your English Inn and will be visiting there next Wednsday. We are celebrating our belated 49th Wed Anniversary. Hope we can get a window table. See ya soon.

  28. Lisa and Randy says:

    Thanks very much indeed. Call and ask for that in a reservation and I am sure we can accommodate …and Happy Anniversary!

  29. rich schupek says:

    Last year we stayed at the Bay Breeze Hotel in september. We were given a coupon for $25 off on the English Inn. Is anything planned like in the near future??


  30. Bill Cermak says:

    We celebrated mt wife’s birthday last night and had the best dining experience of our 49 married years. The food was excellent, atmosphere and service were also excellent.This was our first time to Door county and English Inn was one of the highlights of the trip.
    We recomend anyone that is anywhere near Fish Creek that wants a great fine dining resturant to go to English Inn.

  31. Lisa and Randy says:

    Thanks very much, we are glad to have added the right touches to your celebration.

  32. Lisa and Randy says:

    I will pass that compliment on to Corrine and we all look forward to your next visit at the English Inn.

  33. Lisa and Randy says:

    Thanks for the compliments! Nick the bartender has revealed the secret…
    Dr. McGillicuddy’s Cherry Liqueur, creme de cacao, a handful of fresh Door County cherries and vanilla ice cream.

  34. Kathy Cass says:

    Can you confirm in writing my reservation made for 6PM on Thanksgiving day, please advise price for the buffet
    Kathy Cass

  35. Nancy says:

    We stumbled upon the English Inn a couple years ago when visiting the area. We were looking for a good fish fry and word of mouth had your place as the place to go….so we did. It was awsome! We were able to do another fish fry last year, again awsome! It’s difficult for us to do an evening fish fry because we’re three hours out. Do you do a fish fry lunch and serve through the afternoon? I also did’nt see your fish fry on the menue…do you still do…if so can you scan the fish fry menue and e-mail?
    Thank you so much,

  36. Bob says:

    Looks like a great place. Do you have a dress code, or is typical summer attire ok?

  37. Kriss Ryan says:

    We came to the English Inn by accident and will be back every time we visit Door County. Food was amazing and Jill’s service was terrific. Thank you for the amazing dinner and as an Italian the dinner event

  38. Lisa and Randy says:

    Some say there are no such things as accidents… looks like you are meant to become a “regular” at the Inn . So glad to hear that and thanks for your kind words.

  39. Bill Kasper says:

    By the Grace of GOD , we look forward to seeing you this saturday Nite Oct.13th 2012. Your place is part of our fall festival tradition,and this is our 29th year of attending the fall fest. See you soon , Thanks for the GREAT FOOD. Your The Best! – Bill

  40. matthew k roatch says:

    My wife and I had heard about your place from a co-worker….We decided to check it out during our yearly trip up to fish creek. As soon as we walked in, we were told by the waitress to just give us a minute,we are setting up a very nice table for you! We were there early, around 4.30 pm,so I had no problem waiting and looking around……In a word.OMG, what a WONDERFUL PLACE! Not only were we truly given a wonderful table, but the WHOLE experience insurred that WE WILL BE BACK—awesome food, people, decor, and oh yes, did I mention that it was AWESOME :)

  41. Lisa and Randy says:

    Thanks very much for the kind words and for taking the time to express your thoughts. We look forward to having earned a spot on your yearly agenda and hope you will return to Fish Creek and the Inn more frequently than just once a year. The Fall color season is spectacular and winters are quite relaxing and enjoyable when we get snow cover. See you again…

  42. Susan says:

    What is the name of your chef?

  43. Dining Staff says:

    Our chef and owner is Randy Daubner.

  44. Laura says:

    Any gluten free items on the menu?

  45. Dining Staff says:

    It will be quite a pleasure for you to learn that we have so many completely gluten-free entrees on our menu that we redesigned the layout this year to make all of them easy to find. Look at the online version http://www.theenglishinn.com/dinner-menu for a quick reference. To the left of each of our gluten-free items listed, you will see a tiny “G” symbol. This is a strict definition, meaning that none of the ingredients or sauces used in their preparation violate the gluten-free maxim.

  46. Marina says:

    Hi! Would someone be kind enough to send me the recipe for your french onion soup? My husband thinks its the best but we live far away. Please and thank you.

  47. Dining Staff says:

    So sorry, but that is a secret. Glad you like it…

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